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Referral Partnership

The strength of any modern company lies with the strength of its relationships. PBS has always aimed at creating long term relationships with clients and business associates. We hold our customers, employees, partners, vendors and every stakeholder in the highest position. Each of our partnership programs has been specifically designed to bring in mutual benefits. While you would be able to expand your business experiencing profitability regardless of the size of your firm, we seek to grow along and reach out to the audience. We promise highly supportive sales support that will enhance your capacity for delivery while raising your competitiveness.

PBS's Referral Partnership program is suitable for all individuals and small/medium scale companies that have access to networks promising a substantial community of prospects. We don't require you to have in-depth domain knowledge and neither will you be expected to get involved in the several hassles related to project and client management. All you need to do is refer our business and get a commission on each successful lead that you generate.

Benefits of being a referral partner with Paramount Business Solution

  • No hassles of project management or client management. Your job end when you have been able to successfully recommend us to a prospective client.
  • Ready materials to get quality leads

Responsibilities on your shoulders

Becoming an associate partner with PBS doesn't just come with a hoard of advantages but certain responsibilities that we expect you to stand true to. Our associate partners are needed to be:

  • Proper and appropriate use of all marketing materials of PBS
  • No over-commitment or unrealistic promises
  • Work according to the modus-operandi of PBS