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Engagement Model

PBS glad to presentvarious engagement models to meet the different needs of our global clients. We provide our clients the advantage of pick any of the mostly accepted models listed below or a mixture of these for different stages of their project. Apart from this, we can also work with the client to customize a model for label their particular needs.

  • Project based pricing or Fixed bid
  • Time & Material- Hourly
  • Milestone based billing
  • Dedicated Developer

All the engagement models are unityimplant in our services portfolio and our clients can use any of them for best output.

Project Based Pricing or Fixed Bid

  • When project requirements along with its scope and specifications are clear and improbable to change much. This is compared a low risk option.
  • We provide project based pricing in the domains of our professionals where you get the highest quality of the resources.
  • Our process highest achievable performance ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance

Dedicated Developer

Dedicated developer model allows an addition of the clients own engineering or software development centre. Through such dedicated facilities, Reliant Tekk offers the best resource, infrastructure facilities, remote work flexibility and time-to- market control to the clients and most importantly attach to the necessary norms to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the cleints. This model is best suited to customers seeking continual offshore development support on long term basis. For such dedicated relationships, Reliant Tekk also offers custom, quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the particular needs of the client. The dedicated resources are paid on a monthly basis.